It’s more than getting rid of the paper and creating cost savings for the organization.

Our paperless night audit tool, enhances accountability, control and standardization in the night audit process and function.

Product Features

Centralized Repository

(Screenshot: Overnighter & Report Query Screen)

Reports are accessible in a central cloud­based repository – accessible by PC, Tablet and/or Smartphone. Pull up a single report, group or batch of reports in seconds.

Being a cloud based solution, means support is around the clock. Overnighter brings with it, IT support (24/7) and maintenance free cloud storage.

Easy to Query

(Screenshot: Overnighter & Detailed Reports View)

Whether it’s a bunch of reports for the same day, or several reports over the course of the week, with an easy­to­use query platform, getting reports.

Search for reports by date, name, property (or properties), and within seconds, your reports are ready for review.

Report Query Screen

(Screenshot: Overnighter & Report Layout)

Reduce and/or eliminate the need to print and store records, courier, or use external storage facilities from day 1 and minimize the costs that come with manual efforts in distributing these reports.

Our workflow setup ensures that the right reports are ready for review with the right people – and in a timely manner.

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