R&M Tracking and notification system

  • Hospitality + Property Management

Company Profile:

Management Group servicing over 1,200 beds across 4 regions in the Province of Ontario


Managing the incoming R&M requests from the multi-tenant residences, student housing, and suites can become difficult without a standardized methodology and a centralized repository for records. For every property, the importance of keeping track of records, from the mortgage, all the way down to repair related invoices, is very high, as these documents have the potential to impact the valuation of the building.

For our client, managing this process was not the issue. Systems were in place, but it required manual work; records for all requests were kept, but there were too many ways to classify the information (making it difficult to file); and following up with tenants was a tedious task, since all residents required notifications and updates.

Without a centralized tracking system, the client did not have an efficient way of building real-time reports which could identify how much was being spent on a particular property, or if certain types of repairs were frequently being requested. Analytics were very important – because it allowed them to schedule repairs and keep parts in inventory should an emergency arise.


After creating a website form submission page, we setup automated workflows to capture R&M request details, pushing it to the document management system (DMS). For each submission, a personalized email notification would be sent to all property-specific residents as the repairs went through each stage (inception, repairs scheduling, updates, and completion). A similar real-time stream was created for the back office, giving management, staff and repair technicians, the ability to monitor progress, expenses, and other details (including pictures for proof of completion). Exporting these records for reporting could be done within seconds – providing the ability to forecast and budget with higher accuracy.

With a full tracking system in place, repair requests can now be actioned, scheduled and tracked within minutes. Every set of correspondence and records, can be queried either by expense type, property, by season, etc.

It’s greatly improved the level of customer service to our tenants, because we can provide instant status updates to everyone. We also have a better sense of identifying underlying issues that may arise because of certain repairs or frequency

Greg Yeates
Property Manager