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Daily Flash Reporting – Paperless Night Audit – Streamlined AP

Why myDigitalOffice?

Because we’re the ones that specialize in providing your hotel significant savings in key back office functions.

  • Streamline AP/AR
    Cut down on the time spent processing, filing, and retrieving invoices and details from your accounting system.
  • Paperless Night Audit
    Automate the generation and distribution of daily reports for each property – without worrying about print and storage needs.
  • Dashboard Reporting
    Easily manage the daily flash reporting, comparison to market rates, and track social media reporting.
  • Automated Processes
    Control the way information moves from the moment it arrives and routing it to the right people in a timely and consistent manner.

How do we do it?

Efficiency. Effectiveness. Savings. Control. Accuracy.

We introduce easy and intuitive tools that integrate with your existing processes, giving your hotel the ability to improve in many of the manual business functions as early as DAY 1. Some of the instant returns you can achieve with our tools include:


Daily Flash & Report Generation/Distribution:
Spend less time on data input & daily reporting


Cloud-based Document Storage/Retrieval:
Easily access your records from any device, eliminating the need for offsite storage


Workflow & Business Rules:
Eliminate the need to email, courier or deliver records for approval/review


Reduced Labour Costs:
Improve the way information flows through its cycle (Managers, Head Office, etc.)

Some statistics to consider

(results based on our existing clients)

Average time: saved inputting invoices with an integrated AP solution
Reduction in costs related to print, store, and manage night audit reports

Increased efficiency from storing, retrieving, and accessing records anywhere (and on any device

Other intangible savings (hidden costs) include:

  • Enhanced records management
  • Timeliness in invoice processing
    (cash flow management)
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Auditability (document level access)
  • Traceability

Our Clients


Our Paperless Solutions Include… – Simplify Daily Flash Reporting

An easy to use dashboard reporting tool to measure and track the important statistics on a hotel’s performance.

Daily Flash/Managers Report

View daily, MTD, budget/forecast and variance data in one view. Use the calendar to track performance metrics for a timely snapshot of your property.

STR Reporting 

Easily access your STR reports with the rest of your metrics. Compare property rankings to competition, and your own goals/forecast scores

Say Goodbye To Spreadsheets

Securely access and review your daily flash right from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone – by hotel, group/region, or portfolio (consolidated).



Hands-Free Reporting

Import the standard files produced by your PMS into, making your daily flash reporting task easy, accurate and quick (yes – no hand keying!)

Group Properties

Group properties together (e.g. Extended Stay, Region, Brand, Investor Group, etc.) allowing for increased visibility and performance analysis.

Owners Dashboard

Measure and track key metrics for any property or group of properties (e.g. consolidated portfolio, extended stay group, region, etc.)

Paperless Night Audit

Reduce time spent and save money on printing, managing and distributing Night Audit Reports



Automate the extraction of key reports directly from the Property Management System



Using extracts, create the daily flash and managers report without any hand-key entry*



Securely store and retain night audit reports in a centralized cloud-based repository (smart-device friendly)



Automate the distribution of the right reports to the right teams in a timely manner using workflow.

Streamlined Accounts Payable

Cut down on invoice processing time by upwards of 60%.

Paperless PO

Start the process off on the right foot by moving to a paperless purchase order system. Eliminate the headaches that come with managing approvals, product searches, and GL coding.


Match PO’s to Invoices

Once the product shipment comes in, match the PO with the invoice automatically – allowing the verification process to be much easier.


Integrated Solutions with your AP System

Streamline the AP process with our easy-to-use tools designed to capture invoice details and automatically push information into your existing accounting system.

Savings Calculator

Anticipated savings are based on results provided in existing client surveys + MDO estimates & implementation metrics

Streamlined AP (20% Efficiency)


per month

    • $15 Per Hour (Labour)
    • 25% Efficiency Gain
    • 1,000 invoices processed
    • 7 minutes per invoice
    • 5 properties
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Savings from Paperless Night Audit


per month

    • 50 Pages Per Report
    • $0.07 Cost Per Page
    • 5 Properties
    • 30 Days Per Month
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Reporting (50% efficiency)


per month

    • $25 Per Hour (Labour)
    • 50% Efficiency Gain (Automation)
    • 30 minutes per property
    • 30 days per month
    • 5 properties
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